Cloud Children - Mickleburgh Family History

Lillian Mickleburgh (1878)

Lily Mickleburgh

Always known as Lilly, she gave birth to Harry Edward Riches Mickleburgh shortly before marrying his father and becoming Lilly Riches. This was not uncommon in those days of no contraceptives and when it was often deemed wise to prove before marriage, the compatability and ability to have the children essential to provide security and protection from the workhouse in ones old age. Harry stayed with his grandparents and was raised by them although he visited his mother often.

Lilly and her husband lived on the Common at Whissonsett and produced another 13 children. One of whom died in infancy and another, ,Miles, was killed in the Great War. My father claimed that Lilly never had a new dress in the whole of her life but always had clothes passed down from her elder sister Jane.

Descendants of Lilly are still very much in evidence in the Whissonsett/Fakenham area.

Lilly died suddenly of Phlebitis within a few days of jabbing a flower stalk into her leg while hanging out clothes in the garden. When his brother Percy walked into our house in Dereham and said "Mothers gone" my father said "Gone? Gone where? When Percy replied "Dead " my father, who normally had a terrific resistance to shock or pain collapsed and was in bed for a week.