Cloud Children - Mickleburgh Family History

Thomas Mickleburgh Jr. (18--)

Thomas Mickleburgh Jr.

Thomas was the eldest son of Thomas and Sarah . Although older than many he enlisted in the Royal Artillery early in 1914. He was serving on a big gun at the Front when the ammunition stack surrounding them received a direct hit from an enemy shell. In the terrific blast that followed every other member of the 10 man crew was killed instantly with many of the bodies never recovered. Thomas was by some miracle sheltered by the gun and physically unhurt but the mental damage was later to show itself in severe depression and violent fits.

He would wander off for days on end and was often found partially into the village pond which he thought to be a shell hole. He at times resorted to drink and became very violent but between attacks, which at that time were only once or twice a year, you could not have wished to meet a nicer man. The attacks gradually became more frequent and in the early 1930s he was permanently admitted to the Norwich Thorpe mental hospital where he stayed till his death